Don’t believe what you see, this Instagram model is actually CGI


Tokyo-based CG company ‘ModelingCafe’ is proof that computer-generated technology is not only changing film via special effects – it’s also changing the fashion industry.

Their latest work is a CGI character who looks so realistic, you’d think she’s an actual person.

Simply named Imma (after the Japanese word for ‘ima’, meaning ‘now’) the virtual model is made by transposing her 3D animated head onto a live-action body and background.

“I’m interested in Japanese culture,” wrote Imma, who was recently featured on CGWorld magazine. “I want to attract humans to the fashion show.”

Imma isn’t the first realistic-looking CG model, though. Others include 19-year-old influencer Lil Miquela, the world’s first digital supermodel Shudu, and an army of CG models for French luxury brand Balmain.

You can see more of Imma on Instagram.

Via Design Taxi

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