Do you ever make a large meal, only eat half of it, throw the rest out and then feel guilty about the waste? You aren’t the only one. We all manage to do it to an extent, wasting resources that could be used far more effectively.

However, a recent study was carried out to try and work out just how much food is wasted at home – and the results made for depressing reading.

The study, carried out by the American Dairy Association Mideast, found that around 94% of Americans throw food away from home. Indeed, it’s expected that a whopping 250lbs of food is thrown away per person, per year.

Good food and leftovers are very quickly often consigned to the bin, which is a very common problem.

Leftover Ideas

We often get rid of food that could easily have been eaten or used in some capacity or another – or even given away to the less fortunate. Speaking about this was Karen Bakies, a dietician who works with the American Dairy Association Mideast, who said:

“Meal planning can go a long way in reducing food waste, but sometimes, leftovers are inevitable. Unfortunately, too much of that extra food is being thrown in the trash,

“However, a few simple changes can help your family waste less and reduce the strain on the environment and your wallet.”

It’s important that we try and do more to avoid this massive era of wastage from continuing. We are running out of time to change our habits as a species, and it’s about time that food wastage became a topic of conversation.

While many of us have more food than we can eat, many people go without any proper food for days or limited amounts of food.

What can we do to stop wasting food at home?

For one, you should look to start using all of those extra ingredients you maybe only bought for one purpose in other dishes. Instead of throwing out produce that has gone beyond its best before date (but is still edible), make a soup with it.

If you want to stop wasting so much, be more creative with the kind of foods you make: a lot of those ingredients you might be about to needlessly throw out could be used in other ways than you might have already imagined.

At the same time, you should look to better make use of freezing goods. If you have food that is about to go out of date and you cannot make space for it before it will go out of date, then put it in the freezer.

Cheese Keeps Well

Dairy products like milk and cheese can easily be frozen to protect them until you can find a legitimate use for these products.

Wastage is a massive problem in the modern world, and we need to become less of a one-use society. Simple changes to what you use and how you store your food could go some way to reducing your day-to-day food wastage.

You should look to use apps such as FoodKeeper, too, which can make it easy for you to store and cook various forms of foods in ways that you might never have considered until now.