Men Are Booking Root Canals Just To See The World’s Most Beautiful Nurse

Most guys hate going to the dentist, but it seems like it’s a lot easier when they have an appointment with the “world’s most beautiful nurse!”

“The World’s Most Beautiful Nurse”

Ning Chen is a 25-year-old dental nurse in Taiwan, and since some pictures of her at work started to spread on the internet, she became a viral hit!


Her natural beauty has earned a lot of fans, and it’s also put a spotlight on her and her dental practice since she’s been labeled “the most beautiful nurse in the world.”

It seems that some of the male clients might want more than just a cleaning…

Men Booking Unnecessary Appointments

Once Chen became an Internet sensation and it became public knowledge where she worked, the practice started to see an inflow of appointments.

Strangely enough, most of these appointments were made by men, and it was reported that they’ve been booking completely unnecessary fillings and root canal appointments just so that they can spend some time with Chen.


It’s clear enough that guys will do a lot of things for a beautiful woman, but unnecessary dental surgery seems like a bit much!

Sorry Guys, She’s Taken

Unfortunately for all the creepy men out there, Chen is taken! She has a boyfriend, but she’s flattered by the attention she’s gotten.

“I can’t believe they say I’m the most beautiful dental nurse in the world!” says Chen. “I’m so happy with all of the appreciation from people, I have a lot of gratitude for their love. It’s funny for me.”


It’s good that Chen sees the funny side of what could be considered a very weird situation, although we’d be curious to find out what her boyfriend thinks!

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