There are many reasons why people would want to lighten their skin. While there has been some controversy surrounding this particular home treatment in the past, the more information we have about why people choose to use skin lightening treatments, the more we understand why this home remedy has caught fire. One of the biggest reasons that women choose to use at home skin lightening treatments is to reduce the signs of aging and dark spots.

Dark spots can occur from many skin conditions. Too much sun exposure is one of the main reasons why darkness can appear. Also, acne scaring can also lead to dark and unsightly spots covering your face. Not to mention the discoloration that can appear over time too. While color correcting is a great way to temporarily hide life’s little mistakes, women are looking for a permanent solution. Here are some of the best home remedies for skin whitening that can help you get your fresh face back!

17 Skin Whitening Treatments

Yogurt Scrub


For this creamy skin whitening scrub you will need:

  • 1 Tablespoon plain organic yogurt
  • ½ Tablespoons raw honey
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • 1 Tablespoon oatmeal

Mix all of your skin tasty ingredients into a bowl, and clean and prep for your face. This mixture is going to be thick and sticky, so make sure to have plenty of towels available. Apply a thick layer to the skin and lay back for around 20 minutes. After the time is up, scrub the remaining mixture using gentle circles on your skin to remove dead skin cells. The yogurt will help to keep your skin moisturized, while the honey will kill bacteria. The secret is in the lemon juice, which is a natural skin lightener.  You can do this treatment once a week for best results.

Aloe Vera Skin Whitening Mask


Aloe Vera can not only heal sore sunburns but also help with hyper pigmentation of the skin. In order to use Aloe Vera as a skin lightener, it is best to use fresh Aloe Vera right from the leaves. You can find fresh Aloe Vera at most stores, as well as wellness and holistic centers. You would want to cut out the outside layers of the plant, so that you can get to the gel in the center.

Apply the gel liberally to your skin and leave on for up to 30-45 minutes. For extra measure, you can even cool the gel in your refrigerator before using. This will also help with inflammation and redness in the skin. Aloe Vera naturally helps your body to produce new skin cells, which can help to lighten the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. For best results, use this mask up to twice a week.

Turmeric Skin Whitening Mask 


By now you have seen that viral video of the girl putting a turmeric solution on her dark armpits. We all watched as she seemed to wipe away the darkness like magic. Well, the true magic is in the turmeric. This wonderful spice can do much more than add some pop to your curry. Here is what you need:

  • ½ Cup plain yogurt
  • 1 Tablespoon turmeric
  • 2 Tablespoons fresh orange juice

One thing to remember about this mask is that it works best when worn at least for one hour. Be careful, because turmeric will stain. Mix together this colorful treatment and apply it to freshly exfoliated skin for best results. Apply generously to your face and neck and then wash it off in one hour. Pro-tip: If you do this mask once a week, you will start to notice a change in just a few weeks.

Almond Paste


Almonds are full of essential vitamins and nutrients that can do some serious good to your skin. While you can buy almond powder for any wellness store, it is equally easy to make right at home. Here is what you will need to grab:

  • ½ Cup of raw almonds
  • Splash of whole milk

Start by grinding up your almonds into a fine powder. While you can do this by hand with a pestle, it is much easier done in a food processor. Just make sure not to finely grind up the almonds too much, you still want them to have some structure. Next, slowly add in some whole milk until the powder becomes a thick paste. It is important to use whole milk because you want those fats. You can either use this mixture as an overnight spot treatment or as a face mask, that you can keep on your face for 30 minutes to one hour before rinsing. Also, since this is such a gentle way to help with discoloration, feel free to use this mask every other day!

Coconut and Rose Toner


Two of the best skin ingredients out there are coconut and rose water. When these two are combined, you are in for a treat. Coconut water not only works to soften the skin but can also help reduce the appearance of dark spots, while rose water can add some serious plump to your skin. For this amazing whitening toner you will only need three ingredients: rose water, coconut water and purified water. Mix equal parts of coconut and rose water and add a touch of purified water to help keep the mixture thin. Add to a clean and sanitized spray bottle and shake until well combined. This toner is best used as a follow up to after your wash your face and before you apply lotion. Also, because it is so good for your skin you can travel around with your little bottle and give your face quick refreshers throughout the day. Best of all, because this treatment is so light, it works great for all and any skin type including dry and oily skin!

Egg White Mask


Egg whites can do much more than make a tasty breakfast. Egg whites can do anything from repairing hair damage to softening dry skin. But, did you know that this magical little sphere can also help when it comes to reducing discoloration on your skin? To make this healthy skin mask all you need is two eggs and a little bit of time.

Start by separating the egg whites from the yolks and then transfer the whites into a non-metallic bowl. Whisk the eggs whites until you see stiff peaks. It is the same science behind making a pie. Take a clean makeup brush, this will make the application much cleaner for you,  and apply the mask to dry, clean skin and let the egg whites dry down. You will notice your skin tightening, as the egg whites dry which is completely normal. Once the mask dries down completely, rinse off with cool water and pat your skin dry. This mask works best when used twice weekly. You can expect to see some serious results in only a few weeks.

Lemon Toner


Lemon is such a popular ingredient when it comes to DIY skin whitening treatments. This is because the acid in lemon juice helps to increase the production of melanin in your body. This is the same science that is behind using lemon to naturally lighten your hair in the sun. While there are many ways to use lemon, this toner seems to be a hit among the beauty community. Here is what you will need to grab:

  • ½ Cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • ¼ Cup of warm water

Mix together your two ingredients in a clean spray bottle and shake well. Apply this toner each night before going to bed and then rinse with cold water in the morning. Remember that lemon juice can burn, so avoid contact with your eyes and any open cuts or blemishes you may have. Also, avoid this treatment if you have sensitive skin.

Orange Peel Mask 


Lemons are not the only citrus fruit that helps to naturally lighten your skin. Oranges are another great option and less painful as well! However, to make this tasty mask, you will need to do a little bit of prep work. Start by taking the peels off of a fresh orange and then leave them out in the sun for a few days until they are the perfect sun-dried crunchy. Next, using a food processor, grind the peels until they make a nice finely milled powder. This powder can do anything from adding some zest to your dressings to adding some vitamin C to your morning smoothie, however, the care they give your skin tops the list.

Drizzle some warm water into the orange peel powder until a thick paste forms.  This mask is perfect for helping to resurface your skin while helping to reduce the signs of dark spots and aging.  The trick is to leave this mask on your clean skin until it has completely dried down.  This mask even works great overnight spot treatment.  For best results, use this mask up to twice a week.

Tea Steam


A nice steam is a great way to help relieve common cold symptoms. But, did you know that steam also can work wonders when it comes to your skin care? Steam open up pores and can help to clarify you skins appearance. When you combine this with the power of tea, the benefits are endless. Here is what you need for this skin tasty steam:

  • Fresh mint
  • Lavender flowers
  • Chamomile tea

Start by steeping all of your flowers in hot water. Wait a few minutes and then hold your face over the bowl of tea and drape a towel over you to trap in the steam. Be careful and gentle with your face. Never continue doing anything if it doesn’t feel good and comfortable. Try to stay still for up to 5 minutes for best results. After the time is up, rinse your face with ice cold water to help shock it. This will close you pores and help to trap the nutrients under your skin. The steam is so gentle you can do it up to three times a week for best results.

Tomato Smoothie Mask


Studies show that tomatoes have more vitamin C than oranges. With vitamin C being behind the skin lightening magic, should you incorporate this magical fruit into your skin care routine? With this amazing smoothie mask, you can! Here is what you will need to grab:

  • 2 Large tomatoes
  • 1 Tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 Tablespoon almond flour

To make sure this mask is smooth as silk, blend it on high power in a blender until smooth. For best results use a clean foundation brush to apply the mixture. Relax back, while you let the mask do its work for up to 30 minutes, and then rinse off with cold water. One thing to remember about this mask is that it may be a little harsh for sensitive skin. If you find that you have ultra sensitive skin, use warm water instead of lemon juice and only use this mask once a week.

Clay Clarifying Treatment


We are always finding out about the new amazing uses of clay when it comes to skincare. But, did you know that this miracle clay can also work as an amazing DIY skin lightening treatment? Here is what you need to get started:

  • 3 Tablespoons natural bentonite clay
  • Warm water
  • Lavender essential oil

Add your clay to a non-metallic bowl and start slowly adding water until a thick paste forms. The trick is to make sure that the mixture isn’t too thin, because then it won’t spread as easily and will make quite a mess. It is also important to use a non-metallic bowl, because a metallic one can mess with the chemical reaction in the clay. Once your paste has a nice texture, add in a couple of lavender essential oil drops. The clay will pull out impurities, while the lavender will help to calm down your skin. This mask works best if you lay back and relax and let the clay do its work. After 20 minutes, rinse off with warm water. This mask is a little more intense than others, so it is best to only use it once a week.

Cucumber Refreshing and Skin Whitening Treatment 


Cucumber is a great addition to your salad and your face! Cucumbers are loaded with water and moisture and have been used for years to hydrate skin, while also calming down inflammation and redness. The secret is in the essential nutrients that are in cucumbers, more specifically, vitamin E! To make this skin softening skin lightening treatment, grab these things:

  • 1 Large cucumber
  • 2 Tablespoons coconut water
  • 1 Tablespoon raw honey

Start by pulsing your cucumber in a food processor until you have a fine pulp. Don’t drain the mixture; the magic is in the liquid! Next, add in your coconut water and honey and mix until thick. If you want your mask to be slightly thicker, feel free to add a touch more honey. Apply the mixture to clean skin, keep it on for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse away with cool water. This mask is very gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. For best results, give this mask a try in the morning and before you go to bed.

Potato Toner


Did you know that a good starchy potato can reduce dark spots and help to balance out discoloration? We were surprised too! This is because potatoes are full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Not only can potatoes help to naturally lighten your skin, but they also help to remove pesky dead skin cells that live on the surface of your skin. Many times, our skin can seem unbalanced or unnaturally dark, because the dead skin cells are reducing the clarity of your skin. This is where potatoes come in!

All you need for this starchy mask is 1 large potato and a knife. Cut your potato into thin slices and then lay back. This is going to feel a little bit awkward at first, but you will soon get the hang of it! Lay the slices on your skin and rub them around in a circular motion. You are trying to get all of that starchy liquid to settle into your pores for maximum results. Once you have a good amount of liquid on your face you can remove the potatoes and let the juice do its work for around 15 minutes. Rinse off and enjoy!

Blueberry Mask


Another fruit that is full of rich antioxidants and skin lightening acid are blueberries. This face mask may feel like you’re wearing a parfait on your face, but hang in there. Take a cup of blueberries and mash them using a fork, until you have a nice paste. Next, take a ½ a cup of plain Greek yogurt and mix it with your blueberry pulp. Spread the mixture out evenly on your skin and let sit for up to 20 minutes. You want to make sure to test the mask first on your wrist for allergies and also to see if your skin stains easily. Leaving the mask on too long can result in a bluish tint so be wary! This mask works best when done before bed up to twice a week.

Baking Soda Purifying Scrub


One of our favorite skin saving ingredients is baking soda. This cool powder is so versatile and does an amazing job of cleansing the skin. But, it also works as a great way to lighten your complexion right from home. Take a quarter size amount of baking soda in your palm and add in a ½ teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Next, you want to add a little bit of water to your palm. The amount of water you use will depend on how abrasive you want the scrub to be. If you prefer a rougher texture, add less water.

Work in small circular motions, sections at a time with the mixture. Try to focus on parts of your face where discoloration is more evident. Not only will you be helping to lighten up your face but you will also be purifying your pores, while removing dead skin cells. Rinse with cool water and follow up with a nice toner for best results.

Lemon Oil Mask


While we have used plenty of lemon juice in these skin brightening masks, we can’t forget about the power of essential oils. Lemon oil and other citrus essential oils are amazing to have around your house. They can freshen up your load of laundry, they have been proven to boost your mood and they also can help your skin to achieve a perfectly balanced glow. To make this fresh lemon toner all you need it a little bit of coconut water and some drops of lemon essential oil. Mix the two together in a clean spray bottle and refresh your face after you wash it in the morning. This toner even works great overnight. Best of all, it is gentle enough to use every day.

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub


Rounding out the list of the best at homemade skin whitening treatments is this tasty grapefruit scrub. Grapefruit works very similar to the way that lemon and orange does when it comes to skincare. Best of all, it is super easy to do! Take half of a grapefruit and dip it into a plate of pure cane sugar. Next, moisten your skin using a little bit of warm water or coconut oil. Next, pressing the pulp side of the grapefruit against your skin, massage gently around your face avoiding your eye area. The nutrients in the grapefruit will work to lighten dark spots, while the sugar will scrub away built up dirt and oil. Make sure to follow up with a nice heavy moisturizer for best results.

Wrapping it up!

Whether you are looking to rid your complexion of obnoxious dark spots or just want to help to reduce sun damage, using an at home skin whitening treatment is best way to go! This way you can avoid the guessing game when it comes to what you are really putting on your face. Using natural products that you can find in your home can help you achieve the perfect glow without any concern, when it comes to the treatment of your precious skin. 

Good luck, stay beautiful!

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