“If I can’t reach your doctor and/or insurance company to approve a refill, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s frustrating, but I’d be breaking the law in some states if I gave it to you.”
—Daniel Zlott, a pharmacist at the National Institutes of Health

Here are some other behaviors that make you seem like a jerk.

Harass us when we’re out of the office


“Don’t ask me medical questions about your child when you see me at the grocery store, pool, or library. When I’m out with my kids, I just want to be a mom.”
—A pediatrician

Learn how to make the most of your doctor’s appointments so you don’t need to pepper them with questions outside the office.

Ask too many questions

DoctorLOGVINYUK YULIIA/Shutterstock

“When one extremely hostile relative bombarded me every time I walked in, I developed a tendency not to go in the room. If you have three pages full of questions, show them to the nurse. Say ‘How many of these should I wait to ask the doctor about? How many can you help me with?’”
—General surgeon who blogs under the name Skeptical Scalpel

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Condescend to a nurse

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Close-up Of Doctor Measuring Patients Blood Pressure With Stethoscope; Shutterstock ID 416637259

“The No. 1 thing you should never say to me: ‘You’re too smart to be a nurse.’ I went to nursing school because I wanted to be a nurse, not because I wanted to be a doctor and didn’t make it.”
—A longtime nurse in Texas

Here are some more secrets nurses wish you knew.

Pretend to be clueless

doctorMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

“Don’t ask if I’ll take a ‘quick look’ at the sibling who doesn’t have an appointment. If your mom went with you to the gynecologist, would you ever say, ‘Doc, would you mind putting her on the table and giving her a quick look?’ Every patient deserves a full evaluation.”
—A pediatrician

Here are some other secrets pediatricians won’t tell you.

Exaggerate symptoms

sickAfrica Studio/shutterstock

“If you’re happily texting and laughing with your friends until the second you spot me walking into your room, I’m not going to believe that your pain is a ten out of ten.”
—A nurse in New York City

The amount of pain you’re experiencing is definitely one of the things you should never lie to your doctor about.

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Blab on your cell

Cell-phoneAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

“It makes me crazy when visitors wander around talking on their cell phones. You’re being annoying.
—Joan Somes, RN, an emergency room nurse

Here are some more cell phone behaviors that annoy the people around you.



“It drives me crazy when parents call from the emergency room because their kid got a scratch on his face. It’s not going to look any different if I sew it up instead of the ER doctor; it’s probably just going to cost you a lot more money. Unless the injury is severe, you don’t need a plastic surgeon for every cut and scrape.”
—A plastic surgeon

Beware of these common mistakes that actually could put your kid at risk of injury.