These Real Catfish Stories Will Make You Want To Delete All Your Social Media Accounts

We live in an interconnected world where it isn’t uncommon to develop friendships online with total strangers. Some people have met, married and lived happily ever after from meeting online, but others have been lied to, with some even finding their lives in real danger.

When you friend someone new on social media, make sure you confirm their identity with more than one person, or you could end up with horror stories like these.

The Catfish Exception

One woman met a man named “Charlie” online and they talked for 8 months before the truth broke that Charlie was really Rachel.

The two met face to face to talk about Rachel’s deception and actually hit it off. They are now engaged.

One Guy Contacted The Man Whose Photos He Was Stealing To Ask For More


One man was stealing photos from a stranger’s Facebook profile and sending them to the woman he was talking to. Things quickly got messy when she asked for a video from him.

There weren’t any for him to steal, so he reached out to the guy whose photos he’d been stealing and offered him $ 1,000 to make him a video.

That man said no, blowing the creep’s cover.

Who Steals From A Pregnant Woman?

One lady brought it to our attention that some women join pregnancy support forums to steal other women’s ultrasound photos and post them as their own in other forums.

They’ll pretend to be pregnant for weeks, then claim that they miscarried to soak up sympathy and accept gifts from strangers.

People are bizarre.

The Notre Dame Defenseman Who Thought He Had Actually Found Love

USA Today

Back in 2012, Notre Dame defenseman Manti Te’o announced that his long-distance girlfriend had just passed away from leukemia. In his interviews, he seemed genuinely upset by her passing.

A few months later, a reporter dug deeper into his story and found out that the girlfriend never existed. She’d been made up by a male fan who had fallen in love with Manti, and Manti was clueless.

One Woman’s Fake Profile Saved Her Life

One woman set up a fake Facebook page pretending to be a man named Tre “Topdog” Ellis in order to keep tabs on her teenage niece who kept bring strange men into their house.

To the aunt’s surprise, her niece started messaging her fake profile asking “Tre” to kidnap her and kill her aunt. The niece gave “Tre” specific instructions on how to get away with the murder.

The aunt took the messages to the police and the niece was put in jail.

“I Found Out Who She Was After She Tried Killing Herself”

The Richest

One guy started talking to older latina woman online and they dated long-distance for a year before he got a call from her closest friend telling him she had just tried to kill herself.

The guy made a reference about his girlfriend being Hispanic and her friend said that she wasn’t and sent him a pic.

Come to find out, he had been dating a much younger, white, extremely goth girl the whole time.

“You Got Catfished By My 73-Year-Old Mother, Bro”

The Richest

One guy told the story of how his 73-year-old mother meets young men when she’s online playing games. She uses younger slang and emojis and has a fake Facebook account she directs them to.

She then sexually seduces them using Facebook messenger. Her son figures that since she isn’t stealing any money from anyone, she’s harmless, but this should teach us all a lesson!

“I Jumped Out Of A Moving Vehicle To Get Away From Her”


One guy met a woman on Tinder and asked her to pick him up for a party.

When he got in the car, she started driving right away. He turned to get a good look at her and realized her photos were about a decade outdated and apparently pre-drug addiction.

He opened his door, jumped out, rolled down the street to start running back home.

“I Pretended To Lose My Memory”


A 15-year-old girl started talking to an older man in a chat room and liked him, but thought he might leave her alone if he found out her age. So she gave him a fake name and fake pictures, but talked to him on the phone every day.

When the man said he was coming to visit, she had to think of something quick, so she faked a car accident and said she lost her memory. By then, he had caught on and ended things.

The Catfish Of All Catfishes

One woman met a man on Twitter who she instantly fell in love with. She thought he was so attractive and funny but started wondering why he’d always text and never call.

When the woman confronted him about it, he said he was born without vocal chords. She fell for it and continued to talk to the man daily, even saying she loved him.

Come to find out, the man she was talking to was the figment of another woman’s imagination, and that she’d been lying to people for seven years.

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