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Have you ever come across a ‘tug toner’ or at least heard about it? If in case you have not, you will likely find this to be very interesting. There is certainly no shortage of fancy exercise gadgets in the marketplace. Ever since the rise of the fitness culture, there has been a never ending flow of fancy workout gadgets that promise the sky and indeed, even the entire universe.

For proof, one need not look further than the infomercials that play at the middle of the night, hawking the latest in workout systems which promise fast results and at the most convenient prices. Then again, you could also go to your local sports gear shop or even gym where there are even more crazy fitness gear, with each one looking weirder than the one just before it. This obsession over weird and whacky workout gear is certainly not new. It has in fact been happening for a very long time – at least since a couple of decades.

However, it has only been in the recent past that the concept has taken off with such an aggressive level of marketing. Much of this can be attributed to a massive increase in the reach of the mass media across the world. Today, the mass media has the power to reach millions of people through a variety of different ways, be it newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc.

Regardless of how the advertising is done, the fact is that marketing agencies can target more consumers than ever before; to the point that they often end up with issues of backorders, which may be to the tune of thousands or even millions of units.

Introducing The Tug Toner

When it comes to strange exercise contraptions and gear, one need not look any further than the tug toner.

The tug toner happens to be a very popular fitness fad that has become rather commonplace in health circles everywhere. With a promise to deliver stunning results unlike any other product currently available in the marketplace, the tug toner happens to be one of those things that have started to gain the attention of plenty of people, regardless of whether or not it actually works.

At least is what you are made to believe when you look at the tug toner contraption, because the fact is that is that nobody really knows the truth about the product. In fact, there are plenty of people who are searching to buy it online without being able to find the original seller of the product.

So Why Is This The Case?

There doesn’t seem to be any clear cut answer to this question but it seems like the craze for the tug toner began when it was featured on the popular talk show, Jimmy Kimmel, where it was apparently sold at the Walgreens outlet. Since comedy happens to be one of the main and predominant themes of the Jimmy Kimmel show, it is very likely that the product doesn’t exist in real life and very likely nothing more than a satire.

After it was shown on the show, the product quickly became very popular with people wanting to buy their own tug toner for its many wonderful fitness and health benefits. Despite all the popularity, it seems likely that the tug toner was largely nothing more than a satire of late night infomercials that hawk the latest gizmos which promise the world.

Is The Tug Toner Real or Fake?

In fact, a lot of people have searched for the product online but have not been able to find it available for sale. It is in fact something that many have even dedicated entire blog posts for, which can be easily found through a simple search on Google or any other search engine.

At the same time however, it should also be noted that there are people who have started taking advantage of the new market demand for the tug toner and have begun selling imitation products on various online stores. Therefore, should one come across a product labeled as the ‘tug toner’, it is very likely that it is nothing more than an a cheap imitation of a concept that was used as satire for mocking phony fitness gear that is frequently hawked at midnight by shady salesmen.

In all, the tug toner is perhaps the best example of a satire product meant to mock the various nonsense fitness gear that have flooded our marketplace. Also, it is very likely that the product doesn’t really have an original manufacturer and is for the most part a cheap imitation created by clever capitalists to seize the moment and take advantage of this new found tug toner craze.

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