Human Chain During Hurricane Harvey Saves Elderly and Goes Viral

Tropical storm Hurricane Harvey has left thousands of Texas residents homeless. Roads became flooded making them dangerous and unsafe. In Houston, people even created a human chain to compensate for the absence of a rope needed to pull an elderly man trapped inside his car.

human chain

Stephanie Edward Mata

Tremendous downpour during the tropical storm left a lot of streets flooded. A local elderly man found himself trapped inside the car while driving himself to safety.

Seeing the old man inside the car, people rushed to help him. But with time against them and the lack of the needed rescue supply, people started to create a human chain to get the man to safety.

human chain

Stephanie Edward Mata

The video of people holding each other’s hand to form a chain went viral on social media with the hashtag #HopeForHouston. Bored Panda reported the incident saying: “the distressed gentleman (was) pulled to safety by the unwavering chain.”

This incident just goes to show how people willingly banded together when tragedy happens. The seemingly innocent way Houstonians dealt with an elderly man who was about to be swallowed by flooding waters proves the goodness in each in every one of us.

With a huge amount of rain, the State of Texas was hit with over 19 trillion gallons of rainfall in just a couple of days. This flooded most of the highways and streets throughout Texas making it impossible for vehicles to pass.

human chain

Stephanie Edward Mata

The elderly man caught amidst the flood is one triumphant story that surfaced from the incident that was weighed with hardships. The solidarity and cooperation amongst those who joined the human chain to save the old man gives hope not just to survivors, but to those who face the grim reality of facing life after the storm.

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