[Rumor] ‘Knight Rider’ Reborn With Cena & Hart?

It seems that The Weinstein Company is still very keen on the idea of a theatrical Knight Rider reboot. Various revivals of the classic television property have been knocked around ever since the 2008 sequel series ended after only one season, with Hollywood convinced that the world is ready for more adventures from Michael Knight and his wild ride, K.I.T.T.. According to the folks over at Screen Rant, the Weinsteins have their eyes on a new duo to potentially take over those roles: John Cena and Kevin Hart.

Should their wish come to pass, Cena would take on the role of Michael Knight, previously essayed by David Hasselhoff. Hart, in turn, would voice his automotive sidekick, K.I.T.T.. The studio apparently envisions the project as an action-comedy akin to the recent 21 Jump Street films by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Hollywood has been jumping on that particular bandwagon a lot recently. Unfortunately for Tinseltown, the magic of the Jump Street films has yet to be replicated. In fact, we’ve already had two such attempts stumble at the box office this year: CHiPs and Baywatch.

Could Knight Rider succeed where those two projects have failed? Perhaps, but it’s going to take a crackerjack creative team with a decent amount of control over the film to make it happen. While it is entirely possible that The Weinstein Company will be able to find the former, their reputation of tinkering heavily with finished products makes the latter unlikely. Still, I have to admit that a pairing of John Cena and Kevin Hart could be fun.

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