Michael Wilkinson on Designing a New ‘Wonder Woman’ Costume


Costume designer Michael Wilkinson has been enlisted to design a new ‘Wonder Woman’ costume for the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ sequel film. With the beautiful Gal Gadot already cast to play the famous female role, Michael has commented on what he hopes to achieve with the revamped costume. He says that tackling the famous costume is a “slightly scary process” because people have a certain idea in their minds of what it should look like and he feels it’s important to get it correct. He has been studying up on old comics to make sure he does the job justice:

 ”It’s a thrilling and slightly scary process of course. It’s so important to get her right. She really deserves to be presented on screen. I look at how the characters going to be presented on the big screen and on comic books and on graphic novels. We process that all and then we work out what is best for our film and we try and create a Wonder Woman who is modern and relevant for today’s audiences.”

Michael says he has taken some of his inspiration from historical clothing and has looked back at ancient Roman times to get some fresh ideas for the new costume. He says it might even look slightly like the film ‘Thor’:

 ”I mean, you just have to look at the gladiators from ancient Rome; they did their thing in little loincloths, and a spear and a shield. It works for Thor, it works for 300 – so let’s see what happens.”

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